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    Dan lectures on the growth and impact of the Fox News Channel, having been the founding managing editor and member of the launch team, and also lectures to acting students and young actors on How The Hollywood System Works, having been a personal manager and currently CEO of an independent production company. Contact Dan through the email link above.


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One-Line Bio

Dan Cooper is an entertainment entrepreneur in Los Angeles.


Dynamic and results-driven media executive with over 25 years of experience in editorial, creative, production and operational aspects of business. Possess fresh and innovative strategic approaches that have been consistently effective. Originated “team coverage” concept in local news broadcasting. Played instrumental role in early success of ABC’s “20/20” and senior launch role (managing editor) for Fox News Channel. Accustomed to managing multiple projects simultaneously, often within stringent time and budgetary constraints. Enthusiastic learner who rapidly assimilates and incorporates new technology/trends. Reputation for diligence, follow-through and dedication to quality outcomes.


Film Producer

▪As founder of Mediola in 2004, launched an independent feature production company.

Personal Manager

▪As founder of Dan Cooper & Associates in fall of 2003, launched talent management company on a business plan that called for a limited, highly selective clientele.

News Talent Star Builder / News Programming Marketing Strategist / Coach / Legal Consultant

▪As founder of Dan Cooper Media Strategies, 1) market services to news broadcasters to build their anchors and teams into stars using proprietary, time-tested techniques, 2) market positioning strategy to news broadcasters based on marketing-as-war concepts—these techniques have been powerfully effective for many years, 3) developed unique service to new “niche”, utilizing broad media experience to assist individuals undergoing variety of negative workplace-related problems by providing short- and long-term career strategies; maneuvering clients through and beyond job crises, and 4) developing with a New York legal entrepreneur training programs for attorneys using TV news star-making techniques.

Managing Editor, Fox News Channel

▪As member of Fox News Channel’s launch team, co-created initial budget and business plan, as well as original day-to-day 24-hour programming plan; hired and supervised over 90 production staff members.
▪Collaborated with architects on design of NY production center, including newsroom, production facilities, street level studios and displays; also designed Washington, DC bureau and facility; supervised all aspects of facility construction, which was completed in 18 weeks.
▪Held ultimate responsibility for “look” of all shows as supervisor of directors.
▪Provided creative direction of all sets and lighting design.
▪Daily one-on-one contact with Chairman Roger Ailes.

Managing Editor/Operations Producer

▪For Fox, Inc., provided overall editorial supervision of development and produced all program segments of “Front Page” and “Full Disclosure” specials.
▪Oversaw $17 million of field production; supervised administrative/financial performance of 75-person production unit.

Founding Broadcast Producer of "20/20"

▪For ABC News’ “20/20”, oversaw weekly program production, served as control room producer, co-created production design and produced program segments.
▪Produced interstitial programming; changed main title sequence to include quick cuts and contemporary music theme now used by all news magazines.

President/Executive Producer (Dan Cooper Productions)

▪At self-owned production company, functioned as executive producer, director, writer and consultant on wide array of broadcast and non-broadcast projects, some free-lance and others packaged by Dan Cooper Productions
▪Projects included numerous productions for ABC-owned stations, talk shows and comedy development, as well as NYPD instructional film series on constitutional law as it relates to police activity.
▪Clients included ABC News, Columbia Pictures Television, Viacom, CBS, NBC, HBO, Lifetime, Group W, Showtime, Dow Jones and AT&T, among others.

Executive Producer

▪At King World Productions, Inc., supervised all production – including editorial, operational and financial responsibility — for daily, half-hour syndicated prime access TV newsmagazine, “Instant Recall (1989-1990).”
▪ Program – hosted by John Palmer – revisited greatest stories of television news era.
▪ Managed full-scale, production-intensive launch, from concept to air.
▪ Hired and supervised 100-person staff.
▪ Held full accountability for $25 million annual production budget.
▪ Series achieved first season national rating of 3.7.

Production Consultant

▪For MTV (production) and Viacom Entertainment Group (distribution), drew up full operations plan and created $65 million startup budget for “Real Time”, an “Entertainment Tonight”-style program.

Co-Founder/Art Director/Business Manager

▪At Fashion, functioned in numerous capacities for Internet magazine of fashion, style and culture, including site builder, photographer, and director of business development.

Assistant News Director

▪Was hired by WABC-TV Eyewitness News to bring “white-collar” viewership and credibility to programming that was already #1 in market.
▪Managed all daily news operations during period of highest ratings ever achieved in NY history.
▪Created action plan that included origination of “team coverage” concept.
▪Spearheaded improvement of technology that enhanced reporters’ ability to effectively deliver news; wrote related manuals and held classes.

News Producer

▪At age 24, became producer of WCBS-TV ‘s “Channel 2 News From the Newsroom”, a pioneering concept as first commercial TV news program broadcast from newsroom.
▪Produced hundreds of newscasts and half-hour documentaries.


Dan Cooper & Associates, Los Angeles, CA 2003 — Present
Personal Manager

Dan Cooper Media Strategies, Los Angeles, CA 2003 — Present
News Talent Star Builder / News Programming Marketing Strategist / Coach / Legal Consultant

Bridgewater, Los Angeles, CA 2001 — 2003
Developer – Reality Program Projects

The Metis Corporation/, New York, NY 1998 — 2000
Co-Founder/Art Director/Business Manager

Trans World International/IMG & WNBC-TV, New York, NY 1997 — 1998
Executive Producer/Director, “4 Stories”

FOX, Inc., New York NY 1994 — 1997
Launch Team Member – Fox News Channel
Managing Editor/Operations Producer, “Full Disclosure” and “Front Page”

MTV & Viacom Entertainment Group, New York, NY 1993 — 1994
Production Consultant, “Real Time”

King World Productions, Inc., New York, NY 1989 — 1991
Executive Producer, “Instant Recall”

Dan Cooper Productions, Inc., New York, NY 1981 — 1989
President/Executive Producer

ABC News, New York, NY 1978 — 1981
Founding Broadcast Producer, “20/20”

WABC-TV Eyewitness News, New York, NY 1976 — 1978
Assistant News Director

WCBS-TV News, New York, NY. 1970 — 1976
News Writer, News Producer

New York University, New York, NY
▪B.S., Journalism.

▪Directors Guild of America (Inactive)
▪Writers Guild of America (Inactive)
▪International Coach Federation


Brilliant and beautiful women (let's be honest here), leadership, photography, graphic design, literature of the late 20th Century, art, music, hanging in cozy retreats, conversation, and writing, which is the joy of Mediola. And gratitude to my wonderful friends and guides and to God, all of whom show me the way.