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Very good advice! Those hollers and screamer's who are on the job, are definately I,I, me, me, I reach this point all by myself type of people.

I had been abused at my job for years. I can't remember the amount of colds and flus I went through. Although things are much better now, I still feel run down and tired most of the time. I'm sure this happens because of so many years of stress.
If an abused employee has another option - I didn't think I did - definitely get out.


I too am the victim of an abusive boss. i refuse to kiss his sick butt. I am getting out, but not before I go on Worker's comp for stress. This maniac has thrown things, beaten company property on the desk, broken my mouse and I cannot deal with the stress anymore. There is a bill in california regarding BULLY Bosses. It's AB1582. If you know anyone from Ca, have them write their rep and get it passed. These morons need to be dealt with.


my boss has a peculiar character. he doesnot speak to me very freely & i cannot tell him about my problems at work place but i really respect him a lot as his nature is good.kindly help me out

Miriam Rodriguez

I have had to take alot of verbal abuse from one boss and the other one makes me feel inferior and the other one only cares that his job is done. There are 3. Its a family run business only looking out for themselves and not their employees. You say to look for another job, but I am 59 years old, my husband lost his job 9/11, I have sent alot of resumes to no avail. How do I handle this. Miriam

Dan Cooper

Miriam: I very much sympathize with your situation. The short answer, understanding that I am certainly not a medical professional, is that I would recommend a short term course of treatment with a very good behavioral therapist. The goal would be to let all that nasty garbage at the office roll off your back. Behavioral therapy involves no medication, but has been proved by psychiatrists around the world to be powerfully effective. To begin, I suggest you read and work on a book called Feeling Good by Dr. David Burns. It's hugely popular, and every B&N, Borders or whatever has it, as does Amazon.com. I hope it helps you.

Best regards, Dan


Well, Shelley Ross did it again. She abused the staff at her
job transfer to PrimetIMElIVE and is not out of a job again.


I have a boss that is constantly on my case. No matter what I do, it is always wrong. He yelled at me about cookies, saying I did not think ordering them through, when I only followed his instructions to order exactly what he wanted.( Not to mention I sent him an e-mail and spoke to him before I ordered, making sure this is what HE wanted.) Grant it that I am not perfect, but this boss has got me sooo worried about everything, that I do more than double work to make sure I have what he wants and it is still wrong.

Then after he yells at me, throws his hands in the air, bangs his hands on the desk, tears the papers I give him, and makes syes and hissing noises, he says, "Good Job on that" What?!? Not to mention that his personality is annoying because he never apologizes, and even when it is obvious that he made a mistake, it is always my fault.
I am an Administrative Assistant and I have had it. I want to quit so bad, but I just found out that I am pregnant.
I need the benefits, and my husband was layed off. What to do?
Please help!


I am in "independent" executive assistant. I work without any employment agreement so that I can leave whenever this situation arises and yesterday I ran into this exact situation. Today, I am going to turn in the keys and submit my final invoice. Now I am only worried about the bully not paying the final invoice. So, for those of you that are admin. you should consider starting your own business on the fly from home and then you can leave when someone is abusive.


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