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Before this night, I had never seen seaweed like this in my life. I believe this is the definitive image in the collection. Not only because of the powerfully organic objects, their random placement (which was not adjusted--this is how the seaweed washed ashore--I'm standing in a foot of water taking this picture), but the extraordinary glistening that comes from shooting the photograph at night and using a strobe. There is also the lower left corner of the photograph, an unpredictable splash of Nature's colors, shades of red, and as though prepared by a chef, a sprinkling of greens above and around the bulbous shapes.

These photographs were taken just after dark on the beach in the Malibu Colony section of Los Angeles, an area of Los Angeles consisting of elegant beach homes owned by many movie stars, recording artists and other wealthy entertainment industry people.

Each image depicts seaweed that has washed ashore literally moments before; it is very much alive. The photographs are taken with the camera aimed directly down at the sand, to give the image a painterly look. The camera used was a Canon professional digital SLR.

These images are for sale individually as 11 by 14 and larger photographic prints reproduced by Los Angeles' highest quality photo finisher, and each print is made to order. The prints will be made on pearl finish archival paper, guaranteed to last without degrading at least 100 years.

Prints may be ordered and shipped in triangular shipping cartons, loosely rolled--not in 3 inch diameter tubes like prints from or

Should a client wish to receive a fully framed print with single or double matte, they should specify black frame, natural wood frame or gold frame. I will select the frame style and matte color(s).

Individual prints on paper only are $75.00 each for 11 by 14, ground shipping included. Returns are subject to a $10.00 restocking fee, and must be in mint condition. With regard to framed prints, prices will vary depending on the frame chosen and the number and quality of mattes. Shipping will be an additional cost. The price of the print itself will remain $75.00--it is the cost of framing that is variable.

You may be more comfortable, and I would recommend, buying a print and taking it to your local framing store.

Please inquire about larger sizes.

Contact [email protected] with any questions, and note that all payments will be made by PayPal.